National Forest Llama Treks


Llama Fun

If you love llamas, try out the links below, which will open in a new window.

Llama Game Dress the Llama

Drag and drop the items to dress the llama. You can choose tattoos, a moustache, a top hat, angel wings and lots more!

Llama Fun - The Llama Song

The Llama Song

It's a weird but catchy song all about llamas.

Llamas on the go

Llamas on the go

In this game you have to make sure that the llama catches flowers rather than bees. Move your mouse between the upper and lower window to choose which window the llama should be peeping out of.

Woolly Hooves Invincible Llama Sim

Woolly Hooves Invincible Llama Sim

You have to register to play this game, but it's free. Create your own invincible llama, complete quests, fight foes and selectively breed llamas.